Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not very energetic

I have not been feeling myself lately, have had a bit of flu and sinus and also my neighbours have been partying till late into the night and haven't had a good night sleep for over a week, but finally last night, after calling the real estate to complain about the noise, finally they were quiet and also came and apologised and said they didn't realise how noisy they were. Yay, finally. So I am feeling a little better today and am now a little more motivated to get some more pendants done tonight, can't wait I feel like I have not done anything new in a while and I also have Manly Markets on Saturday so need some more stock. Wish me well and thought I would post a few photos of Manly where I live.

1 comment:

planettreasures said...

The top photo is awesome!
Hope you feel better soon, I think there is something going around - a lethargy virus or someting!
Sell well at the markets.