Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sharing some of the Valentines Stories

Hi everyone this week I will be posting some of the Valentines Days stories to share..... Read on

" My boyfriend and I don't really do anything. One year I forgot and felt bad because he got me a Cadbury Creme Egg and I got him nothing. The next year I made sure I made up for my mistake and got him something nice and he got me nothing!"

"the best gift i've ever received for valentine's was a 3 carat platinum diamond ring.from me. to me. and it was actually diamonique. and not real platinum. from qvc. that was on sale for like 27 bucks.oh yeah."

"A blender - 'nuf said"

"um I am unfortunate, I have never received a valentine's day gift. But this year I think that is going to change"

"I once received a Tweety Bird valentine card with red glitter. The caption and inside read "I tawt I taw a Valentine" "I did! I did taw a Valentine and it's YOU!"I was 29 years old, and this was from the man I had been involved with for years. LOL!The best part - he had also given me a red glittery Tweety Bird Christmas card 2 months earlier...and no, there is no inside Tweety joke in our relationship.I am still confused by it"

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