Friday, September 25, 2009

Wow, its been so long

Suddenly time has just passed and its been ages since I have been on here. Life has been pretty hectic and mostly all good things had happened in the last months or so...

* My mum and dad came over from New Zealand and I flew up to Brisbane for a week to see them.
* My cousin also came over from New Zealand to stay with me for a few days before going to the Mountain Biking Championship in Canberra.
* Have just brought an outdoor table setting which means a good excuse to have a few beers with friends in the sun.
* I have a new lot of earrings and necklaces to be added in the next couple of weeks to my shop.
* Its Spring, and can't wait for summer
* Have had a few wholesale orders come through
So all in all lots of excitment in my life.

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