Sunday, November 30, 2008

I love all doggies

Hi everyone, Hope you all had a nice weekend. I had a nice relazing time, went to see Australia and I am in love with Hugh Jackman, like everyone I know, what a hunk!!!. It was a beautiful day yesterday and in my other life I do dog walking and pet minding which I love so much but am not able to walk as much these days as I had a knee op a while ago and can only go for short walks. One of my friends Malin loves animals as much as I do and we decided to do some volunteer work at doggie rescue. Its such a great organisation where all the rescued doggies go until they can find someone to love them. Check it out here I can't go onto the website very often otherwise I start tearing up!! I am a bog sook. Anyway here are some photos of the lovely dogs we walked. I love them.


LorisShops said...

Saw your blog mentioned on your etsy site and just had to say I wholeheartedly agree that Australia was an awesome movie (with great eyecandy) said...

I love dags too!!!
I have a little story on my blog about dog. I would love for you to check it out.

Your blog is really pretty.